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Lower Back Massage and Back Pain Therapy

The year 2020 saw the rise of massage therapy with a boom in purchases of massage guns from pricey brands posing as miracle workers for the body. People were buying massage guns everywhere and eventually knock offs of Hyper Ice and Theragun could be found in your local CVS. Athletes started getting paid big bucks to promote these massage guns and would claim it was the best lower back massage or a great massage for back pain. Unfortunately the business of massage guns tanked when people realized the athletes weren’t using them on their own time. In one case a team clinician for a Major League Baseball team admitted the massage guns were in the storage closet along with foam...

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Strength Training for Women and Beginners at Home

What is strength training for women and how is it different than strength training for beginners or strength training at home? The answer is simple, we all must strengthen core muscles whether we are young or old, a beginner or a pro athlete, a man or a woman. Here’s the bottom line, if you’re not strength training you’re getting older everyday. You’re getting weaker everyday. And you are definitely very prone to injury like throwing your back out or pulling a hamstring.  The best way to feel strong or young again is to do two things, core strengthening and mobility work. In the past you would be sold a DVD for fifty bucks claiming to make you into a warrior....

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