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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy? Recovery Faster & Move Easier With This Secret Weapon!

Are you looking to eliminate chronic pain, improve flexibility and mobility, recover faster, and upgrade athletic performance? Then, you need to use fascial stretch therapy! But what is fascial muscle stretch therapy?  Fascial stretch therapy is a powerful method of stretching to release tension and tightness for improved fluidity of movement. It goes beyond simply loosening up the muscles. This technique offers benefits like quicker recovery time between training, enhanced range of motion, and relief from chronic pain - among many more.  Below, we detail more in-depth what fascial therapy is, how it can benefit you, and how to get started incorporating it into your routine! First…what is fascial stretch therapy? What is Fascial Stretch Therapy? Fascial stretch therapy is...

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Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Therapy

If you wake up one morning and it feels like you’re walking on glass, then you have just entered the world of plantar fasciitis or as some refer to as, plantar fasciitis heel pain. Over thirty five percent of people experience it that are over the age of sixty five. Athletes, runners, cyclists and weekend warriors experience it at an even higher rate.  The problem is that there is no plantar fasciitis relief when you step on a tennis ball as many doctors recommend. Why? Because plantar fasciitis therapy requires that the plantar fascia be elongated or stretched daily and massage guns and putting pressure on the injured area is ineffective.  Plantar fasciitis relief has been unattainable, until now. In...

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Best Rated Full Body Adjustment Chiropractor

In the past, chiropractors have had a rough time keeping their reputations in high regards. The reason for this goes back to insurance scams of the 1980s as well as lazy clinicians who would incorrectly do adjustments and make the patients feel worse. If you’re searching for a full body adjustment chiropractor near me or emergency chiropractor near me then you are probably in a bad place. Instead of spending your time and money on multiple sessions hoping someone can cure you, think about why you’re having this issue in the first place. There are two reasons searches like an affordable chiropractor near me or best chiropractor near me is not going to be your long term cure. The first...

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