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Best Marathon and Yoga Strength Training

If you are passionate about marathon training or even considering ultra marathon training, you may have heard about new developments related to yoga strength training or yoga therapy training as some experts refer to it. What this means is that you believe in the power of mobility. While many adore large muscles and weight lifters, you have graduated from that way of thinking and are more envious of places that offer the best mobility yoga training. 

Yoga Strength Training

The fact is that true strength is achieving peak mobility. Allowing your muscles to elongate or stretch consistently gives them a band like power that heavy weights are unable to replicate. This way of thinking is gaining popularity amongst the most unique experts in the sport. 

An athlete at Duke University who competes in Iron Man was having trouble taking his race time to the next level. He wanted to increase his speed but was all too familiar with over training and the consequences to his body. He came upon a new mobility device that was only available to pro athletes like Tom Brady and Naomi Osaka. It’s called CastleFlexx and after getting his hands on one everything changed. He posted on his social media that his recovery time was faster but so was his in race speeds for both swimming and running. He was asked when he knew it was working and he replied it was when “I saw competitors around me cramping up and falling to the ground because of the intense humidity that day” and... he had never felt better. CastleFlexx has changed many lives since then in almost every sport. It’s patented and the most effective mobility and core strength device on the market.