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The CastleFlexx Sport | Body Stretcher

CastleFlexx is a USA owned and globally patented mobility device trusted by professional athletes, physical therapists & thousands of customers around the world.

Whether you are dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, Hip issues, Sciatica, or just want to stay agile and mobile, the CastleFlexx can be used for upper & lower body stretching.

"I own a few of these (CastleFlexx) and my body has never felt better."
- Evan Engram, Jacksonville Jaguars


Waterproof Tactical Grip Handles - 100% silicone

Weighs Less Than 1lb

USA & Veteran Owned - 4 Week Return Policy

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Free 3-5 Day Shipping

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The CastleFlexx® Benefits

How Many Ways Will You Benefit?

”I’ve never gotten a stretch like this. The stretch is so much better and deeper than anything else I’ve used. Great design and amazing quality”


The Anatomy Of CastleFlexx®

Why CastleFlexx® Is Different


Hammock Stretch For Plantar Fasciitis

CastleFlexx® is the only device with a unique patented "foot hammock" that is completely velcro free. Our foot hammock gives you the ability to fully flex the toes back, resulting in a stretched plantar fascia.

“As a 59 year old plumber with flat feet, I’ve had a lifetime of sore feet and chronically tight calves and hamstrings. Castleflexx has been a blessing and godsend for me!”



Rolls Up For Easy Access

No need to store awkward bands or devices that take up space and end up getting tangled. CastleFlexx® rolls up neatly for storage, and can be ready tor use in seconds.

“Super happy with my CastleFlexx - it’s so convenient! I love to take it on hikes and it allows me to walk father and hike multiple days in a row.”



Ergonomic Design, Soft Handles & Fabric

CastleFlexx® is velcro-free and does not require any strapping in or out. CastleFlexx® has a patented handlebar with optional magnetic weights that provides a controlled comfortable stretch and it wont slip out of your hands like rope straps can.

“The build quality of this is amazing. The bar is heavy, smooth, and looks like a piece of Apple kit. The fabric is soft and dense, and the foot pocket is so comfortable.”


“Worth its weight in gold. I use mine everyday, twice a day and I feel more relaxed, looser and ready to tackle what’s ahead. It’s simple, but it works!”


Professional Reviews of CastleFlexx®

Loved By Pros & Recommended To You

We use it with all our patients

The CastleFlexx is a great tool for hip mobility, hamstring tightness, tendinosis and plantar fasciitis. It's one of the best stretching devices out on the market today! We use it with all of our patients here to help improve their quality and treatment plans.

Dr. Rachel Skolnick

DC, BS. Chiropractor

A revolutionary product for mobility

Are you ready to feel the best you've ever felt? CastleFlexx is a revolutionary product that helps you become more mobile, more flexible and alleviate chronic pain in a way I never thought possible.

Bari Newman

Registered Yoga Teacher

THE functional stretching tool

Unlike isolated stretching, Castleflexx stretches the entire posterior chain of the lower limb making it THE functional stretching tool on the market.

Official Team Chiropractor of the Atlanta Braves

Dr. Hamid Sadri


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What Makes CastleFlexx® Better

Simply The Best Way To Stretch

Premium quality construction

No rope burn

Patented hammock design

Adjustable materials

Exercises biceps

Ergonomic materials

DIY Options

Generic Bands


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