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Revolutionary Device Unlocks IMMEDIATE Recovery Previously Only Available To Elite Athletes

Note: After reading, you’ll never go another day without stretching with this device…

Mind-Boggling Mystery: When we twist our ankle while exercising, it can take weeks to heal...

But when a pro athlete does it, he often barely misses a beat.

What’s their secret?

Do Pro Athletes have access to superior medical care?

Or is it in their “genetics” that they can recover at superhuman speed?

Hi, I’m Emmanuel Williams!

A fitness enthusiast and a participant in the Season 14 American Ninja Warrior.

I’m going to reveal to you how the world’s top athletes recover so fast from their injuries so they can get back in the game.

And how you can get access to this “secret recovery technology” so you too can recover from your injuries or even your daily aches and pain.

But first, here’s my story…

I started developing lower back and hip pain from training. And it was annoying.

It stopped me from performing at my full 100% potential… in which my coach sees me as not trying hard enough.

I did research on social media for exercises and stretches to alleviate my pain… but all to no avail.

I tried gooey ointments, heat patches, acupuncture, and heck, I even considered surgery.

So I did more research by speaking to other athletes and other experts in this area.

The Truth About Muscle & Joint Pain

After speaking to physicians, clinicians, and healers…

I finally learned that the key to fixing my back and many other chronic pain issues has NOTHING TO DO with…

❌ Surgery
❌ Pain Killers
❌ Acupuncture

I know this sounds weird… But I was told that the key to fixing my back and my pain would be to…

✅ Improve mobility
✅ Strengthen my core
✅ And address the tightness in my glutes and hamstrings!

At first, I tried stretching with traditional elastic resistance bands, ropes and green straps.

I found that they were very painful to grip and didn’t create the toe dorsiflexion that was necessary to elongate the plantar fascia where EVERYTHING begins.

I needed something that’s easy for me to use, effective and can stretch the right muscle at the right pressure, and at the right time.

You can call it sheer luck or anything…

But my good friend introduced me to a breakthrough product that fits all the criteria above.

I was skeptical at first. After all, I’ve tried so many products and methods out there to no avail.

BUT — after giving this product a shot… I was in total awe.

I’ve never felt my body being stretched the way it is with this product…

And almost overnight, I felt that my pain reduced… and it really made me feel 10x BETTER.

It turns out, this product is called CastleFlexx was developed by Dan Castle, a businessman who practiced MMA for many years and acquired a lower back injury that resulted in chronic pain for 10 years.

So if you’re struggling with any sports injury, muscle aches & pain, and want to recover effectively… I highly recommend that you check out:

CastleFlexx Is Revolutionizing The Way We Stretch!

CastleFlexx is used by pro athletes in every sport. It is the most effective mobility and full body strengthening device on the market. Here’s how it will help you on your route to recovery:


Hammock stretch for plantar fasciitis

CastleFlexx® is the only device with a unique patented "foot hammock" that is completely velcro free. Our foot hammock gives you the ability to fully flex the toes back, resulting in a stretched plantar fascia.

Rolls up for easy access

The CastleFlexx device can be taken anywhere at anytime. New York Yankees center fielder was seen with it attached to his backpack on the NYC streets and when asked about it he replied “ I take it everywhere, literally.”

Ergonomic design, soft handles & fabric

CastleFlexx® is the only stretching device that allows you to grip handlebars comfortably. The bar grip will allow you to stretch for longer and offer you a balanced upper body versus the uneven shoulders and “slipping” feeling ropes and bands give you. Plus it has 99.9% anti-microbial coated stretch sleeve

Detachable Magnetic Weights 

Each CastleFlexx® comes with a 2 lb. detachable magnetic weight. The weight seamlessly attaches, allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.


Castleflexx is a full-body strengthening and stretching tool that allows you to get a full body workout and decreases joint and muscle pain. With Castleflexx, you can get rid of back, shoulder, and joint pain, release stiffness, and at the same time, build your strength.


When you finally get rid of your pain, you’ll be able to get back in the game, increase your athletic performance, and improve your mobility.

And even if you’re not an athlete, you can use Castle Flexx to soothe your discomfort when walking up the stairs, hiking, golfing, gardening. And all the everyday movements can finally feel automatic, comfortable, and easy again.

It’s addicting. Never felt this loose and mobile before. My hamstrings are no longer an issue for me.
- Erik L., Verified Customer

I’ve made more progress with this in 8 days than over years with other recovery tools, stym, massage. My plantar pain is literally gone! Unreal. No more morning foot pain management.
- Dave, Verified Customer

I saw Martha Stewart raving about it on her Facebook account so I decided to give it a try. I didn’t like the price at all. I can’t imagine it would be worth it. I was WRONG. This thing does a few dozen things for my aching body that I never thought I would be able to fix. It’s worth literally every dollar.
- Gerald R., Verifed Customer

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——— Backed by Professionals ———

Backed by Professionals

“Unlike isolated stretching, Castleflexx stretches the entire posterior chain of the lower limb making it THE functional stretching tool on the market.”

– Dr. Hamid Sadri


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Designed in and shipped from the USA

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Crew C.


As a lifelong athlete with plenty of time spent on a table being worked on by trainers, I can easily say this is the best stretch in the world. Nothing comes CLOSE!!!


Jim A.


I just want to say…I love my Castle Flexx!!! I was born with cerebral palsy and have been dealing with tight hamstrings, stiff legs, and poor balance since childhood. I started having back pain in my late 20s, and even though I’ve been lifting weights since I was 14, I did very little stretching, because I simply could not do it on my own.

As I turned and went past 40, my back pain and muscle stiffness seemed to be getting worse. In the fall of 2019 I herniated a disk in my lower back and by the fall of 2021 the pain was radiating down my left leg.

 I had days when I could barely walk. I stopped going to the gym. I was using a rollator walker to get around. My quality of life had really declined.

 In February I had back surgery, a laminectomy. The surgery was successful and the pain is gone. But it made me realize that if I don’t start stretching regularly the muscle tightness caused by my cerebral palsy will only worsen as I age.

 I saw this product in a Facebook ad and decided to try it, despite the high cost. I’d tried bands and straps, which were a mixed bag.

 I received my Castle Flexx quickly and after finally figuring out how to get my foot into the heel hole correctly I immediately noticed how easily it handles!

 There’s no wrist fatigue, and I can do my hamstring stretches easily. I love that it folds up so neatly, and it’s portable! Having cerebral palsy means I will always have to deal with some stiffness and pain from time to time. But with the Castle Flexx, hopefully I can help make it a minor inconvenience, not a life sentence.

 A very happy Castle Flexx customer,

Jim Arria
West Haven, CT


Yanire B.


My longtime Pilates clients are greatly benefiting from using the Castleflexx consistently! Mari has severe scoliosis. She has maintained her best posture by doing Pilates for over 20 years. Castleflexx had been a game changer for her. I’ve noticed more spinal articulation and flexibility which is something she can achieve on her own by using her Castleflexx before her golf game and travels.


Mary H.


I’ve never actually realized how easy it is to stretch at work until this device came to me as a gift from my husband. Wow. 6 stars.

So CastleFlexx are offering a special 5% OFF when you try their products today. But you gotta hurry, this offer is only available until the end of this month only. You’re just one click away from breaking free from your joint & muscle pain. Click on the button below to order CastleFlexx now:

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New Device Unlocks IMMEDIATE Recovery Previously Only Available To Elite Athletes

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