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How to Increase Back Flexibility: Stretches and Tips to Improve Back Flexibility Fast

When your back isn’t flexible, you can put yourself at risk for serious injuries which can often take a long time to recover from and cause much pain and frustration. Keeping your back flexible can benefit your entire body, from your toes to your neck.  Whether you're an athlete seeking to enhance performance, a fitness enthusiast aiming to perfect your yoga poses, or simply looking to end the day without an achy back, increasing back flexibility is a goal worth pursuing. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s so important to improve back flexibility, and offer up some simple back flexibility stretches that can easily and quickly be incorporated into your daily routine.  So, if you’ve been wondering how to...

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Stretches for Kids: How to Make Stretching Fun for Kids With Castleflexx

While running, jumping, and playing come naturally to kids, stretching isn’t something that’s usually at the front of their minds. However, stretching for kids is every bit as important as it is for adults.  It can help kids avoid injuries, improve their athletic abilities, and also just set up good wellness habits that they can take with them through to adulthood. There’s just one problem: kids think stretching is boring. So, how do you make stretches for kids fun?  In this article, we’ll show you why stretching is important for kids, explain when kids should start stretching, and show you some fun stretches for kids to do that will help your little ones realize that stretching isn’t so bad after...

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How Does Stretching Prevent Injury?

If you enjoy living a healthy, active life, you’ve likely experienced some type of injury that’s left you on the sidelines.  While some minor injuries are nothing more than frustrating inconveniences, others can be more serious. Bad injuries can potentially end your athletic career, and may require surgery or cause debilitating chronic pain.  Because the consequences of an injury can be so dire, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are constantly looking for ways to reduce their risks of damaging a muscle, bone, ligament, or tendon.  Stretching has become an integral part of pre-workout routines, often touted as a vital practice for injury prevention and improved flexibility. But what exactly is the science behind this, and does stretching prevent injury? If...

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How Long Does Plantar Fasciitis Last?

If you’re experiencing the pain of plantar fasciitis with every step you take, there’s probably only one thing on your mind: how long will this agony last? Plantar fasciitis causes intense pain in your foot that can make even the simplest tasks a real struggle. If your an athlete, it can keep you out of action for long stretches of time.  There’s no cure for plantar fasciitis, so it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped in a life of constant pain, from your morning jog to simply running some quick errands. So, how long does plantar fasciitis last, and what can you do to speed up your recovery time? The good news is that, with the right help on your...

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How Long Does an Achilles Tendon Take to Heal? Achilles Tendon Recovery Timeline

Unfortunately, injuries to the Achilles tendon are not uncommon and can be extremely painful, sidelining you for significant periods of time while your Achilles heals. Whether it's due to a sports-related incident, overuse, or sudden trauma, there are lots of different types of injuries that can affect your Achilles tendon, leading to an often frustrating recovery process. So, how long does an Achilles tendon take to heal? Is there anything you can do to speed up the process? Today, we’re going to talk about different types of injuries to your Achilles, and give you an Achilles tendon recovery timeline. By understanding how long you’ll be out of action, you can better mentally prepare for your recovery period, and make sure...

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