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5 Reasons People Are Ditching Stretch Straps For CastleFlexx

And regaining their mobility and strength in record time with this new patented fitness tool that will change the way you take care of your body!

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1 Relieves Tension Across Your Entire Body

CastleFlexx is the first device that can effectively treat the root cause of lower back pain, plantar fasciitis and shoulder impingement.

Unlike traditional stretching straps which only stretch your lower body, CastleFlexx stretches both the upper body and lower body!

2It's A Game Changer!

Instead of paying $19.95 for a cheap velcro stretching strap that won't fully stretch your toes, the CastleFlexx stretch sleeve is the only patented design in the health category that can create that same toe dorsiflexion.

The heel goes in the hole, not the foot, and this allows the fabric to pull your toes back for you.

3Patented One of A Kind Fitness Tool

CastleFlexx is the first device to combine a weighted bar for both stretch assist and full body strengthening capabilities. The magnetic 2lb weight easily attaches or can be removed based on your preference.

4Balanced Grip

Gripping a rope, strap or band is really stressful on the hands and creates a painful feeling so the FlexxBar was created which solves that problem while also allowing for a balanced upper body (no more neck and shoulder tension from pulling a rope).

5Trusted By Athletes, Therapists, & Celebrities! 

This is the device used by the athletes from the World Champion Atlanta Braves as well as 2021 #1 world-ranked golfer Jon Rahm. Even Martha Stewart has posted about it!

“Well designed and very effective. I own two." 

- Martha Stewart

“ It's one of the best stretching devices out on the market today!”

Dr. Rachel Skolnick DC, BS. Chiropractor at The Juilliard School

“Castleflexx stretches the entire posterior chain of the lower limb making it THE functional stretching tool on the market.”

Dr. Hamid Sadri, Atlanta Braves


“As a lifelong athlete with plenty of time spent on a table being worked on by trainers, I can easily say this is the best stretch in the world. Nothing comes CLOSE!!!”

- Crew C. 


”This tool for stretching is hands down a game changer. On top of that the owner is amazing at following, giving tips and tricks for better usage. Been using it steady for 2 weeks and seeing a big difference in my lower back tightness and posterior chain."

- Natasha L.


“My father has a CastleFlexx and is obsessed with how fast his pain went away all over his body, not just his legs. I had to try his and then I needed my own. Now I own 2- one for my home and one for my car so it’s always around.”

- Jon S.


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