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Buy 2, Get 20% Off With Code: GIFTING20

5 Reasons Why Your Plantar Fasciitis Isn't Getting Better & How to Fix It

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1. You’re Not Properly Stretching Your Plantar Fascia

Many recommended stretches that do not fully engage your plantar fascia, the thick ligament that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects the heel bone and toes. Even if you stretch with a strap or band, your toes and plantar fascia aren’t getting the full stretch they need.

Without pulling your toes back into dorsiflexion and strengthening your plantar fascia, you’re not addressing the root cause of the pain in your heel.


2. Over-The-Counter Shoe Inserts Don’t Strengthen Your Feet

Custom insoles, tennis ball massage, and even cortisone shots are "treatments" they do NOT address the ROOT cause of Plantar Fasciitis. CastleFlexx does.

They offer cushioning but don't solve the underlying issue, the weakness and tightness in your plantar fascia, hamstrings and glutes. Relying on shoe inserts is not going to help you get relief from pain in the long run.

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3. Ice Packs Only Address Inflammation

Circulation is a KEY factor in healing pain areas so you need to stretch LONGER and more EFFICIENTLY. CastleFlexx allows you to stretch pain-free for longer periods of time since you are not battling rope-burn and arthritis in the hands and arms from pulling on a strap/band/towel.

Customers with severe plantar fasciitis have commented about how their foot heals but so do many other problem areas in their body and you won't find a better or relaxing stretch experience than this.

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4. Pain Medications Are A Short Term Fix With Long Term Consequences

NSAIDs like Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Advil may provide short term relief, but they have long lasting consequences. Several studies have shown they can cause stomach ulcers and kidney damage because they reduce blood flow to your kidneys.

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5. Massage and Tennis Balls Won’t Make A Difference

CastleFlexx's patented weighted FlexxBar allows you to use the 2lb weighted bar for:

1) Stretch assistance so you don't have to pull AT ALL, it will do the work for you.
2) The ability to remove the magnetic weight for Upper Body stretching.


Imagine NEVER feeling plantar fasciitis pain again…

The problem is, most “solutions” don't get to the root cause of the pain in your foot, they’re only addressing the symptoms.

That’s why the CastleFlexx was invented. CastleFlexx discovered the most effective way to address and help prevent plantar fasciitis.

The CastleFlexx allows you to pull all your toes back into dorsiflexion, which elongates and helps heal your plantar fascia, which connects to your front toes. This increases blood circulation in your body which raises blood oxygen level and leads to healing.

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This deep stretch is the key

it elongates and helps heal your plantar fascia faster than anything else.

And CastleFlexx’s weighted bar helps you stretch 10x longer than usual, making every session super effective, even if you don’t think of yourself as being flexible.

Even if you’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis for years, it can be GONE just 2 weeks from now. That’s exactly what happened for MLB Golden Glove Award Winner Harrison Bader.

For the price of a couple of massages, you can own a CastleFlexx for life, and never feel plantar fasciitis pain again. This device also addresses dozens of other chronic pain issues such as back pain, shoulder impingements, hip pain and tight calves. Trusted by professional athletes like Ronald Acuna Jr., the 2023 NL MVP, CastleFlexx is revolutionizing sports recovery and has helped tens of thousands of people heal their chronic pain.


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This stretching device is in high demand and stock keeps selling out.


Alleviates Back Pain


Eases Hamstring Tightness


Relieves Herniated Disk Discomfort


Helps Improve Posture

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20,000+ Happy Customers

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"The CastleFlexx is a great tool for hip mobility, hamstring tightness, tendinosis, and plantar fasciitis. It's one of the best stretching devices out on the market today!We use it with all of our patients here to help improve their quality and treatment plans."

Dr. Rachel Skolnick, DC, BS. Chiropracter

"The bar itself is a one of a kind design. It puts zero stress on your patients back, neck or shoulders. You are able to just isolate the muscles you are trying to stretch. It is the best hamstring stretch one could ever get!"

T Delgado, Personal Trainer

"Unlike isolated stretching, CastleFlexx stretches the entire posterior chain of the lower limb making it THE functional stretching tool on the market."

Dr. Hamid Sadri, Official Team Chiropractor, Atlanta Braves

"Are you ready to feel the best you've ever felt? CastleFlexx is a revolutionary product that helps you become more mobile, more flexible and alleviate chronic pain in a way I never thought possible."

Bari Newman, Registered Yoga Teacher

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