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Back Pain & Tight Hamstrings: The Connection

You might be wondering, how are the leg muscles connected to pain originating from the lower back? If you are, then you are not alone. This connection has been established by scientists and researchers across the globe. Read on to find out how stretching and strengthening your hamstring muscles aids in reducing lower back pain. What is a hamstring? A hamstring is a group of muscles that are located at the back of the thigh and run from the pelvis bone down to the back of the knee. These muscles help to bend the knee and to extend the hip bone. How do the hamstrings cause back pain? These muscles need to be stretched regularly to eliminate back pain. This...

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Crucial Factors to Consider When Buying a Massage Therapy Tool

It's not common to expect at-home massage therapy to be as pain-relieving and relaxing as a professional massage, but what if it could be? This is a question that anyone interested in purchasing the greatest personal massager for their own use must be asking. After all, a massage has only a few goals. Usually, it should lift one's spirits, reduce pain, and hasten muscle recuperation. We know there are many massage instruments to pick from, but to make things easier, here are some guidelines to follow when selecting the best massage therapy tool for you. Consider the purpose: Portability, adaptability, ease of use, and comfort are all elements to consider when making this decision. Every massage tool for home use...

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The Strength Training Device is Exclusively Meant for You

Have you been having some complications with the neuromusculoskeletal system, like the muscle, nerve, tendon, bones, or ligaments? If yes, I know you have been asking around and researching about the affordable chiropractor near me. But first, before you go on and look for the chiropractor, have you learned about the immediate cause of the complication? If not, then you still have some research to do. Because the chiropractor will mainly help your body to heal, but what about the cause, can it be ignored? If the cause has not been addressed fully, then even when you visit the chiropractor near me, you will still be wasting your money and time, because you will find yourself there now and then....

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Shoulder Pain Therapy and Physical Therapy

In the year 2021, Major League Baseball was introduced to a new mobility and strength device that was first picked up by the Atlanta Braves in May. At that time the pitching staff was struggling and many players on the team were looking for a solution to a very common issue amongst athletes that throw for a living, shoulder impingement injury. In the past, issues with the shoulder would be addressed with shoulder pain therapy or shoulder physical therapy. The problem is that the pain would come back and so would the injury, and this would prevent pitchers like Chris Martin, the Braves highest paid reliever, to be successful. The players were introduced to a mobility and strength training device...

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Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Therapy

If you wake up one morning and it feels like you’re walking on glass, then you have just entered the world of plantar fasciitis or as some refer to as, plantar fasciitis heel pain. Over thirty five percent of people experience it that are over the age of sixty five. Athletes, runners, cyclists and weekend warriors experience it at an even higher rate.  The problem is that there is no plantar fasciitis relief when you step on a tennis ball as many doctors recommend. Why? Because plantar fasciitis therapy requires that the plantar fascia be elongated or stretched daily and massage guns and putting pressure on the injured area is ineffective.  Plantar fasciitis relief has been unattainable, until now. In...

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