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Instructional Videos

How To Get Started With CastleFlexx

How-To Guide

Correct Form While Stretching

Your neck and shoulders should be relaxed. Check in a mirror and make eye contact with yourself for good form.

Calf Stretch

90 Degree Stretch

Switching to an underhand grip, raise your leg to 90Β° and hold it there for 15 seconds.

Fascia, Achilles & Calf Stretch

10 Degree Stretch

Raise your leg a few inches off the floor and keep your neck relaxed with your eyes looking at the ceiling.

Hamstring Stretch

The Dinner Plate Stretch

Position your leg at either 45 or 90 degrees and choose either an overhand or underhand grip.

Core Strength

Advanced Abs

Place the weight into the CastleFlexx and follow along. We recommend 3 sets of 5 reps. Keep abs engaged at all times!

Hip Stretch

Adductor & TFL Stretch

The inner and outer thigh stretch targeting the TFL, Adductor with entire leg activated.

Shoulder STRETCH

Shoulder Impingement

Arm Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Leg Strength

Forward Lunge

Place the magnetic weight into the CastleFlexx and try 5 reps per leg. Repeat 2x for a total of 3 sets per leg.

Arm Strength

Triceps (All Levels)

Insert the magnetic weight and just follow along.

How-To Guide

Rolling Up the Sleeve

Roll the sleeve up (either way) keeping the fabric centered.

How-To Guide

Insert Magnetic Weight

Always keep your fingers away from the magnetized bar by pinching the velcro straps with your fingers to insert or remove the weights.