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Best Rated Full Body Adjustment Chiropractor

In the past, chiropractors have had a rough time keeping their reputations in high regards. The reason for this goes back to insurance scams of the 1980s as well as lazy clinicians who would incorrectly do adjustments and make the patients feel worse. If you’re searching for a full body adjustment chiropractor near me or emergency chiropractor near me then you are probably in a bad place. Instead of spending your time and money on multiple sessions hoping someone can cure you, think about why you’re having this issue in the first place. There are two reasons searches like an affordable chiropractor near me or best chiropractor near me is not going to be your long term cure. The first is that you are not flexible. The second is that you have a weak core. What do weak abs and being inflexible have to do with my back pain you ask? The answer is simple, your core controls the foundation of all your movements. Imagine not having a stomach and doing any kind of simple movement and you will understand it real fast. Second is that stress moves up or down your body and focuses on areas around the tightness. Tight hamstrings or hips are probably an issue for you and may not realize it. You may not feel like they are tight, but they are - go ahead and reach for your toes in a standing position.  You should feel the pull or tightness right away. Even worse, you may not be able to touch your toes. Celebrity dancer and influencer Miranda Derrick posted her CastleFlexxing to over one million of her followers and it went viral on YouTube.


In 2021 Dan Castle launched CastleFlexx because of serious back pain issues he was having for over a decade. Once he learned the key was a strong core and good mobility, he created a device that addressed both. His first customer was the Atlanta Braves. His second was an Olympian. His third customer were the LA Dodgers. In just a few months top athletes and competitors were doing whatever they could to convince Dan Castle to ship them first. Now it’s available for everyone, not just pro athletes. If you don’t agree it will change your life in a few days they have a very friendly 10 day return policy. Go for it!