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Lower Back Massage and Back Pain Therapy

The year 2020 saw the rise of massage therapy with a boom in purchases of massage guns from pricey brands posing as miracle workers for the body. People were buying massage guns everywhere and eventually knock offs of Hyper Ice and Theragun could be found in your local CVS. Athletes started getting paid big bucks to promote these massage guns and would claim it was the best lower back massage or a great massage for back pain.

Back Pain Therapy

Unfortunately the business of massage guns tanked when people realized the athletes weren’t using them on their own time. In one case a team clinician for a Major League Baseball team admitted the massage guns were in the storage closet along with foam rollers and other gimmicks. When he was asked what they used in the training room he said, “ we use a mobility and strength device” but we can’t say the name because it’s against our policy and would upset the brands that pay us a lot of money. But reporters are great investigators and they figured out the name of this device when Chris Martin and Ronald Acuna Jr of the Atlanta Braves posted images of them using it on their own time. The name of the device is called CastleFlexx. It’s the first device that combines a mobility bar for strengthening with a stretch component that pulls your toes into dorsiflexion giving you the most effective upper body and hip/leg stretch of your life. And it’s now available for anyone to buy, even better, it’s the same price as just two massage sessions and lasts a lifetime. Plus, think of all the money you save by cutting down on your chiropractor or physical therapy sessions.