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Standing and Sitting Hamstring Stretch

For the last twenty years there has been a rise in lower back pain problems for people of all ages. We are seeing herniated discs and sciatica everywhere and ads claiming to fix them are addressing the back area or “pain area” as doctors like to say. The reason for back pain injuries increasing are quite simple, our bodies are meant to be moving and our blood is supposed to be circulating. Unfortunately neither is possible when you’re sitting at a desk all day or watching Netflix on your couch for hours straight. Gaming requires hours of concentration and the E sports teams promote energy drinks packed with caffeine and sugar instead of the one thing they should be promoting, improved mobility. 


The fact is that it’s not possible to do a standing hamstring stretch while sitting all day. If you think a sitting hamstring stretch is possible you’re wasting your time trying to figure that one out. What you should be searching for on google is the keyword tight hamstrings back pain. Why? Because recently studies have found that tight hamstrings and immobile lower extremities are what actually cause back pain for many people. 

Here is what we have learned, sitting for long periods of time and staring at your phone all day can cause super tight hamstrings. Stress goes up and down our bodies so if the hamstrings are tight it will flow into your lower back. The back pain problem can’t be fixed by using heated pads or fancy ice packs. It’s as simple as improving your mobility and blood circulation. Take the device CastleFlexx for example, this device does the two things eastern medicine doctors have been saying is necessary to heal or avoid back issues, it improves your flexibility as well as helps you strengthen your core muscles. A strong core combines with improved mobility will release the tension in your back and change your situation in a matter of days.