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Shoulder Pain Therapy and Physical Therapy

In the year 2021, Major League Baseball was introduced to a new mobility and strength device that was first picked up by the Atlanta Braves in May. At that time the pitching staff was struggling and many players on the team were looking for a solution to a very common issue amongst athletes that throw for a living, shoulder impingement injury.

In the past, issues with the shoulder would be addressed with shoulder pain therapy or shoulder physical therapy. The problem is that the pain would come back and so would the injury, and this would prevent pitchers like Chris Martin, the Braves highest paid reliever, to be successful.

The players were introduced to a mobility and strength training device called CastleFlexx by the head chiropractor Dr. Hamid Sadri. The device allows for several unique stretches related to treating shoulder impingement and many other issues. Athletes are now able to do these stretches on their own time because CastleFlexx fits in any suitcase and only weighs two pounds. In a matter of weeks the ERA of the Atlanta Braves improved 25pct. The pitching speed (aka “velo”) improved for the players that used the device. The 2021 Atlanta Braves went from 3rd place to 1st place in a matter of months. Surely this couldn’t be because of one device the players were using right? Wrong. Chris Martin posted on his social media channel an image of him using CastleFlexx and stated, “ I use CastleFlexx daily. It has improved both my flexibility and increased my velo.”  It didn’t take long for word to catch on about CastleFlexx, the Dodgers started using it just a few months later. Both teams made it deep into October playoffs. Ronald Acuna Jr. uses CastleFlexx three times a day on his own time to improve his core strength and improve his ACL injury.