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Why do so Many People have Back Pain and What is the Solution to Back Pain?

Im not a blogger nor do I have the time to spend hours writing something that doesnt say much or give you the answers you're looking for. I have spent the last 20 years battling lower back pain that is so bad, when I ran Martha Stewart's business and all her business deals, I was unable to start work until about 10am. Martha Stewart wakes up at 5am EVERYDAY to feed her chickens, imagine being out done by someone 40 years older? The back pain effected my business life, my social life and overall my QUALITY OF LIFE.

So what did I do to turn everything around? At first, I spent thousands of dollars every year on just chiropractors, physical therapists and many other healers good and horrible. Clearly I was a slow learner because it took me about 17 years to figure out how to fix it. I was so tired of "treating it" because I was ready to finally FIX IT. 

One day I was summarizing all of the notes from every clinician I saw in New York City because these are the highest paid clinicians and many of them worked for the actual New York and New Jersey sports teams. They had a specialty in myofascial which is basically to me, the best of the best chiros. They are a cross between a physio, kinesiologist and chiropractor with a minor in sports massage. I only saw the best and it got to a point where I was improving but never really figuring it out. I could do one hour of shoveling snow and I was on the bed wishing for a painkiller. Painkillers ruled my life and I came from the generation that was told they are fine to take as often as needed and eventually I found myself with worse back pain, Why dont pain pills work? Thats for another blog I guess. Thats a more intense explanation.

Anyways, back to my summation of all the feedback from my clinicians. I found two things that were constants in all the feedback:

1- Improve your core strength : My abs were "loose" to the point that my ribs were separating. It was humbling, I admit but most of all it pushed a lot of stress from everyday movements into my back in the L4L5L6 areas. This also caused tight hips, plantar fasciitis and the desire to really fix my back for good.

2. The other thing that everyone told me to do? Improve my mobility, become more flexible- Basically, be less like the tin man and more like the lion. Stress travels up and down our bodies they explained, and the back was the weakest point due to herniated discs and a previous shoulder injury that changed my posture effecting my lower back ( How one injury gives birth to another - thats also another blog for later). "Dan, if you can begin by loosening up your lower body such as the foot, Achilles, calf and hamstrings, the back will begin to repair itself."

Solving these two issues at the same time with one device became my goal. I was doing it for myself, not to start another businesss, I was busy enough already relaunching Martha Stewart's reputation and business, I didnt need another full time job.

So that's how CastleFlexx was born. More on why it works and how it works coming, you guessed it, in another blog. Hey! Maybe I can be a blogger someday too - Let me know if you have read this! info@castleflexx.com - I read every email!

Happy New Year and FEELING BETTER YOU,

Dan Castle